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ARP (Pvt) Limited comprises of double story building having total covered area of about 28000 square feet. We have dedicated areas for Cephalosporin Products and General Products.

Cephalosporin area comprises of sections for manufacturing of THREE solid dosage forms namely, Dry Powder Injection, Dry Powder Suspension (Oral) and Encapsulation (Oral).

The General area is for manufacturing of Tablets, Capsules, Semisolids, Dry suspension & Sachet with separate storage areas for general products.

The manufacturing facility is provided with fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory, Quality Assurance Department and Warehouse.

Quality management is our prime concern. We have upgraded to recent version of quality management system i.e. ISO 9001-2015 to constantly provide products & services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, space conditions impact the product directly. Hence, ARP (Pvt) Limited has installed 20 AHUs (Air Handling Units) equipped with latest screw type compressor (Mitsubishi) imported from a well-known manufacturer and have SS made internal skin.

Our HVAC system is designed to control the following parameters:

1 Temperature

2 Humidity

3 Air borne Particulate Matter

4 Differential Pressures & Viable Organisms

Validation is an integral part of ARP (Pvt) Limited which ensures that facility systems, equipment, processes, and test procedures are in control and therefore consistently produce quality products.

Pharmaceutical validation at our company includes three main phases:

1 pre-validation qualification

2 process validation

3 validation maintenance

Machinery at ARP (Pvt) Limited is installed after installation & operational qualifications are completed.

Process validation is done throughout the manufacturing process. Performance qualification of the systems is also performed such as aseptic process validation, & performance qualification of storage areas and HVAC.

Internal and external audits are conducted regularly.

Regular inspections and process oversight are done as well as additional refresher trainings for employees are ensured so that they continue to closely adhere to written protocols.

ARP management is committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility),as well as environmental control to ensure that the product is safe, pure & effective.

Safety measures for the employees have been implemented through PPEs (Personnel protective equipments) & accessories in sensitive production areas. Fire extinguishers are provided all over the premises for the safety of staff and building.

We use De-ionized water for processing batches of oral and topical products.

For washing of glass vials and also for final rinsing of machinery/ equipment, distilled water is used. This water is obtained with the help of Double Reverse Osmosis System which is further subjected to De-Ionizer plant. The water from De-Ionizer plant is fed to Distillation Plant System. From here water is supplied via SS pipe lines to its end point usage.

We have multi column Distillation still, to assure a continuous supply of high purity pyrogen free distilled water. A detailed maintenance schedule is designed for these systems to operate properly, and is duly supervised by engineering department.

ARP’s Quality control laboratory (QC lab) is equipped with all the latest essential equipment for testing:

1) the chemicals/ raw materials used during manufacturing and

2) finished products. These tests are necessity of Quality pharmaceuticals and are carried out rigorously in order to ensure that the products are of the highest quality.

We have smart Quality control laboratory design, & it is working independently from production. We have transparent quality control management system to satisfy the requirements of GMP & GLP.

We have special focus on using controls, data security, traceability and integrity of Lab records.

Adequate resources are available to ensure that QC operations are effectively and reliably carried out.